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Cadet Acronyms

Admin - Administration
AdminO - Administration Officer
Adj - Adjutant - a cadet parade position not a rank
AC - Air cadet
AKA -  Also Know As
AAC - Advanced Aviation Course
AATC-AM - Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Aircraft Maintenance
AATC-AO - Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Airport Operations
ARMIC - Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course

BAC - Basic Aviation Course
BATAC - Basic Aviation Technology & Aerospace Course
BDCC - Basic Drill and Ceremonial Course
BFSC - Basic Fitness & Sports Course
BSC - Basic Survival Course

Capt - Captain
CO - Commanding Officer
Cpl - Corporal - cadet rank
CI - Civilian Instructor
CIV - Civilian Volunteer
CHAP - Cadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention program ( no longer used)
CMDR - Commander
CATO - Cadet Administrative and Training Orders
Cdt -  Cadet

DND - Department of National Defense
Dress - the clothing type worn by cadets - such as full, civilian, summer, ceremonial and combat. Full dress is the complete uniform.
DCO - Deputy Commanding Officer
DCIC - Drill And Ceremonial Instructor Course

ETA - Estimated time of arrival
EO: - Enabling Objective

FCpl - Flight Corporal - Cadet rank
FSgt - Flight Sergeant - Senior Cadet NCM rank
Flt - Flight (refers to the parade groups of Griffon, Phoenix or Band)
Flt Comd - Flight Commander - Cadet parade position (Not associated with individual rank)
Flt Sgt - Flight Sergeant - Cadet parade position (Not associated with individual rank) AKA
 Flt 2IC
FTX - Field Training Exercise - can include Survival Exercise 
FHQ - Field Headquarters  (used on FTXs Only)
FSIC - Fitness and Sports Instructor

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time - the Greenwich meridian is the accepted time reference.
GPS - Glider Pilot Scholarship
GT -  General Training

HQ - headquarters
Hrs - hours - as in 1400hrs or 2pm

2IC - second in command
IMP - Individual Meal Packet - full meal in a bag, main portion is a boil-in-the bag entree.
IAW - In Accordance With
IACE -  (ICE) International Air Cadet Exchange



LT - Lieutenant
2LT - Second Lieutenant
LHQ - Local headquarters - or local cadet offices
LAC - Leading Air Cadet - a cadet rank

MRO - Monthly Routine Orders
MRE - Meal Ready to Eat(civilian equivalent to IMP)
MAJ - Major 
MB-BMC - Military Band - Basic Musician Course
MB-IMC - Military Band - Intermediate Musician Course
MB- AMC - Military Band - Advanced Musician Course

NLT - No later than
NCM - Non-Commisioned Member - cadets ie: Sgt, Flt Sgt, WO1, WO2
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer - cadets ie: WO2; WO1

OCdt - Officer Cadet - lowest ranking officer
OIC - Officer in Charge - refers to officer responsible for an event
OPI - Officer of Primary Interest (this is the Officer that will take ultimate responsibility)
OT -  Oshkosh Trip (exchange)

Pra - Prairie - as in Prairie Region
PRCI's - Prairie Region Cadet Instructions
PMV - Personal Motor Vehicle
PO: - Performance Objective
PO: EO: - Performance Objective / Enabling Objective
PSRY -  Positive Social Relations for Youth (replaced the CHAP
PPS -  Power Pilot Scholarship
PB-BMC - Pipe Band - Basic Musician Course
PB-IMC - Pipe Band - Intermediate Musician Course
PB-AMC - Pipe Band - Advanced Musician Course


RO - Reviewing Officer
RSO - Range Safety Officer

RCAirC - Royal Canadian Air Cadets
RCACS - Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Sgt - Sergeant - cadet NCM rank
Sqn Comd - Squadron Commander - the cadet in the squadron assigned to the top parade position
Sqn Dep Comd - Squadron Deputy Commander -
 the cadet in the squadron assigned to the second highest parade position
SupO - Supply Officer
SWO - Squadron Warrant Officer - a parade position not a rank
StdsO - Standards Officer
SIC - Survival Instructor Course

2IC - second in command
TrgO - Training Officer

UCCMA - Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor (
 formerly UHRA)
UHRA - Unit Human Rights Advisor 


WO1 - Warrant Officer First Class - top cadet NCO rank
WO2 - Warrant Officer Second Class - NCO rank below WO1
WRT - With Regards To



Zulu Time - another name for Greenwich Mean Time - GMT