Lord Strathcona Trust

The origin of the Strathcona Foundation dates back to 1909. Lord Strathcona, then High Commissioner for Canada in London, England, wished to improve the physical and intellectual capabilities of youth by encouraging habits of self-discipline, good citizenship and patriotism. To this end, he created the foundation bearing his name.

In 1923, a medal was struck and awarded to the most deserving cadet of each cadet corps. The medal is the highest award that can be granted to a cadet. The recipient was singled out amongst peers by an outstanding performance and a personal involvement in the community.

Lord Strathcona Trust Medal

2011 FSGT Cook, Eric
SGT Stockwell, Remi

Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence

2011 WO2 Sawatzky, Joanne
FSGT Kang, Daniel