Air Cadet League Awards

Certificate of Merit
Awarded to League Members at the National, Provincial and Local Levels for meritorious service over a period of time

2009 Vern Toews

Certificate of Recognition
Awarded to non-Members of the Air Cadet League of Canada in recognition of their dedicated support of the Air Cadet Movement

2011 Boeing of Canada Technology

E. M. (Brad) Bradshaw Award
Awarded for Most Proficient Sponsoring Committee Chairperson (MB)

1989 Leslie Martin, Boeing of Canada
2000 Erv Gerbrandt, Boeing of Canada
2004 Douglas Rogers, 176/199 LSC
2007 Vern Toews, 176 LSC

Edward Vopni Award
Awarded for Most Proficient Squadron (MB)

2003 176 (Boeing of Canada) RCACS

Harold Steele Award
Awarded for Community Involvement (MB)

1992-93 176 (Boeing of Canada) RCACS 
2000 176 (Boeing of Canada) RCACS 
2004 176 (Boeing of Canada) RCACS 
2011 176 (Boeing of Canada) RCACS 

Dorothy (Dot) Wowk - Memorial Award
Awarded for Most Improved Squadron (MB)

2011 176 (Boeing of Canada) RCACS