Sponsor/Parent Committee

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee of 176 is actually a Co-Sponsoring committee between the Local Sponsoring Committee and Boeing of Canada. The sponsoring committee looks after facilities, extra curricular activites, day-to-day squadron expenses, and to provide funding for non-dnd funded activities.

The Parents Committee is the fundraising arm that run a number of events and activities in order to bring in sufficient funds to meet the annual budget setup by the Sponsoring Committee.

The 176 Co-Sponsoring Committee is:

Marc Malo - Chairperson

Open - Vice-Chairperson

Bonnie Jackson - Treasurer

Open - Secretary

Open - Screening/Membership

Andrew Fichtner- Boeing Canada Winnipeg

Patrick Killen - Member at large

Tracy Killen - Member at large

The 176 Parent (Fundraising) Committee is:

Erica Kalcsics - President

Open - Vice President/Fundraising

Open - Canteen

For any Sponsor Committee questions, please contact ssc@176cadets.ca

For any Parent committee questions, such as donation or fundraising questions please contact president@176cadets.ca

All members of the Sponsor/Parent Committees of 176 have been thoroughly screened (Police Records Check and Volunter Sector Screening) for volunteering through the Air Cadet League of Canada.


To see the Parent Committee Policies and Procedures Manual, please download them from from: Parent Committee Policies and Procedures on Drop Box

To see the Co-Sponsoring Committee (SSC) By-Laws please download them from here: SSC By-Laws on DropBox

The 176 SSC is part of the Air Cadet League of Canada and Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) Ltd. and as such are part of their Constitutions and adhere to their Policies and Procedures.

Air Cadet League of Canada: http://www.aircadetleague.com/en/

Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) Ltd.: http://www.aircadetleaguemb.ca/

Fundraising Drive

Welcome Back to 176 Boeing of Canada Royal Canadian Air Cadets Squadron! The 2017 to 2018 year is full of learning, community service, exciting activities and adventure.

The Cadets at 176 RCACS are very fortunate to be supported by a strong sponsor, Boeing of Canada but the Cadet program must still call upon the Parents Committee to raise the necessary funds to insure that these programs continue to be offered to our young people and to maintain a positive base for future Cadets. It is estimated the cost per Cadet, per anum, is approximately $70 so we have to call upon all Parents to help, to fundraise, to make these types of programs be possible for your Cadets.

The 176 Parents Committee will be holding a number of fund raising events throughout the year, such as a Wine Raffle and The Annual Rib Eye Dinner to help raise these much needed funds and we are asking for your fundraising support by volunteering, donating prizes or monetary donations. We must note that any company or individual donating prizes is entitled to receive a Tax Deductible Receipt for the fair market value of the donation.

For this year the following fundraisers will be as follows:

The Wine Raffle 3.0


The Annual Rib Eye Dinner


The League Raffle

There will be League raffle tickets made available during the year, where we again kindly ask that every Cadet family can sell at least one or two raffle books each. All money fundraised from the League raffle is given back to each squadron.

Dag Day Events


As a volunteer, we kindly ask that you pursue and complete the screening process where a Police Records Check (Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check) is required. The good news is that the Squadron shall reimburse you after your first volunteer event. Furthermore, if you live outside of Winnipeg, the application fee can be waivered by the RCMP. We humbly appreciate any help and volunteerism that you can provide to our Cadet squadron as this could help us achieve so much more for the your Cadet.

Thank you.

Marc Malo - Chairperson Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

Erica Kalcsics - President of the Parents Committee.