May 20th Announcements

Post date: May 21, 2014 3:27:26 AM

May 20th Announcement:

Mini SurvivAir- Saturday May 24th at Assiniboine Park. Drop off at 10am and pick up at 2pm at the Duck Pond. We will be conducting an orienteering activity including, tasks on how to build shelters, fires, signal fires, snares and first aid. Lunch will be provided. Please bring a water bottle and dress for the weather, including a hat and jacket. This is a MANDATORY event, all cadets are expected to attend. All cadets are required to bring their own lunch on Saturday, May 24 for the Mini-SurvivAir. If you have any questions please let us know.

Band/Drill- Saturday May 24th at ATC from 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Norwood Legion Decoration Parade- Sunday May 25th for the band and selected cadets. Ensure you are at the Norwood Legion by 12:45 pm

Promotions - Tuesday, May 27th In preparation for Annual we will be handing out a number of level promotions on the last regular parade night before annual. If you are promoted please do your best to have your new badges in place in time for annual.

Annual Ceremonial Review - Friday, May 30th . Cadets arrive as soon after school as possible. Bring your uniform and boots (polished) along, there will be time to change. We will do some short parade format reviews and rehearsals. Snacks will be provided for those cadets arriving early.

ALL cadets should be in uniform and on the parade floor by 6:30 pm. Parents, Family and Friends are invited to attend the parade which will formally start at 7 pm, refreshments will be served right after.

Gliding- Gliding is on June 1st at the Gimli Airport. Cadets are to be dropped off at 08:00 at the Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre and pick up at 16:00. They will be transported by bus and lunch will be provided. Dress for the weather and bring a water bottle. Please sign up next week as there are only 40 spots, priority given to cadets who have never flown before.

Survival Exercise- June 13-15th at Birds Hill Provincial Park in the group use area. Cadets are to be driven to the site on Friday and Picked up on Sunday. This is a mandatory activity, as you need to participate in a survival exercise to pass your training level. More information to follow.

SurivAir Team/Staff- May 30th-May 31st. Cadets are to be dropped off at Bldg 21 at 17 Wing on Friday. They will be conducting orienteering and survival challenges at St.Charles Range. Cadets are to be picked up on Saturday May 31st at 21:00.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.