Gliding - Sun Sept 22

Post date: Sep 20, 2013 12:58:49 PM

Good Morning All!!!

Info about gliding. Apparently the RCSU has ordered us a 42 pax bus. I am in the process of attempting to order a larger one. Having said that...the following 39 cadets are confirmed as going. We need at least 3 spots for officers on the bus. Anyone else wanting to attend at this point will have to wait until our spring gliding day. Also, those who don't go gliding this sunday will be considered first for power fam flying this fall/winter!!

Malo, Jesso, Leoppky, V Dit V, Woodsworth, Keller, Li, Bonnet-Lambert x2, Venesia, Larsen, Bell, Woodland, Mitchell x2, Aminot, Bay, Savoie, Howgate, Fillion, King, Posthumous, Scott, Duncan, Baribeau, Templeman, Shostal, Wingert, Foster.

New Recruits - Lambert x2, Brunet x2, Minkley, Chiarella, Dhadral, Hofley, Henrickson, Allison, Arbez

Meet at 0715hrs at the Squadron (Louis Riel Arts and Tech Centre) this Sunday 22 Sep 2013. The bus will depart for Region Gliding School - Gimli at 0730hrs.

The bus will depart Gimli at approx 1545hrs putting you back in the city, at the squadron, at 1700hrs (5pm).

Please dress appropriately in civilian attire for the weather. Lunch will be provided. Pack snacks if you wish. Parents, in the event of weather not conducive to gliding, please be somewhere where your child can contact you! Just incase we come back early.

If you can't attend or have questions, please email us.