Cadet Awards

Post date: May 7, 2014 12:47:21 PM

Future Leader Scholarship is a $500 scholarship towards a cadet's post-secondary education. Grade 12 or higher cadet.

(Cadets need to provide a current transcript or their report card of their latest school marks, as well they have written a narrative explaining what they have learned in cadets and what they plan to do with the knowledge they have learned from cadets)

CO's Academic Achievement Award is presented to a cadet who continues to actively participate in the program while maintain a high academic average in school.

(Cadets need to submit a copy of their transcript or most recent report card)

Sponsor's Community Service Award is presented to a cadet who continues to participate in extra-curricular community activities while actively participating in the cadet program.

(Cadets need to submit a narrative explaining what and how they participate in activities that benefit the community outside of cadets).

For these three awards we need to hear from those cadets that want them before this coming Saturday, May 10. Email the required items to