Announcements 18 December 2012

Post date: Dec 21, 2012 3:33:34 AM

Hello all,

As briefed last night it it time to start preparing for summer camp selections.

Cadets must submit their selection request form by 08 Jan 13 for National Courses and 15 Jan 13 for all other courses:

for the descriptions of each summer course please see:

Here is more information about the National Courses, with specific detail about the requirements, please look here if you are applying as some of the courses require specific elements that we do not have at the squadron:

Glider Candidates, here is an extra form that you are required to fill out (CATO 54-26 Annex B):

For a summary link that contains all the forms in one convenient location please go to:

For national courses please remember that you must also submit a 1 page narrative descrbing a little bit about yourself, why you want the course and the benifit that it will have to you and the cadet program. You will need to write a narritive for each national course that you are interested in. As well, you will need to bring a copy of your latest report card as well as your final grades from last year. This is all due 08 Jan 13!

If you have any questions about summer camp please email me at or call (204) 290-6800.

Other announcements:

Marksmanship team will begin in the new year. Details will be made available in January

There will be a groundschool review session for those writing the exam. The review will be Jan 5 at the Belgian Club from 12-6 and the exam is during cadets on Jan 8.

There has been an initial interest sign-up for the spring break trip to Grand Forks. If you were away and are interested please see 2Lt McNeil in the new year.

Thanks to everyone for your dedication and commitment to the squadron to date. We look forward to 2013 and wish all of the cadets and their families a wonderful holiday season!