Announcements 09 Oct 12

Post date: Oct 12, 2012 4:14:13 AM

Field exercise to Shilo for level 3 and up. Please meet at the Louis Riel Arts and Tech Centre at 1700 on 12 Oct 12.

We will be back by 1700 on 14 Oct 12. If there are any issues please call the squadron phone at (204) 981-0219.

Ground school starts 10 Oct 12 from 1830-2100

This year it will be held upstairs at the Belgian Club, Legion Branch 107, located at 407 Provencher Boulevard.

If you have problem please contact Capt Comer (204) 290-6800.

Please show up with the required text (From the Ground Up) and a binder for notes. Text can be purchased at the aviation museum or on-line. You must be at least 15 by 01 Sep 13 to attend if you are interested in applying for the gliding or power pilot scholarships.

Next week is the 70th anniversary parade. Remember to wear full uniform (including tunics and medals if you have them). If you do not have a uniform please wear dress clothes or t-shirts issued by the squadron.

Field exercise for the level 1 and 2 cadets will take place in Camp Morten (near Gimli) on the weekend of 26-28 Oct 12. More details to follow.