2016 - 17 Return to Cadets Reminder!

Post date: Aug 18, 2016 9:06:02 PM

Cadets start parading again on Sept 6th at 18:30. Please do not arrive prior to this time and PARENTS MUST ATTEND

(even if your child is over the age of 18) to sign the annual validation form. Cadets do not need to be in uniform, and should bring any uniform parts that need to be replaced.

The following week, September 13th at 19:00 will be our Annual Squadron Open House for new cadets. Please ensure you invite any potential cadets to come out to this information session. Additional information is also available on our website www.176cadets.ca under "How to Join Cadets". It will be a regular parade night for existing cadets.

The calendar has been posted for this year, and will be updated as more information becomes available (such as timings and locations).

If your cadet is no longer interested in participating in our program or changing elements, please retire yourself from our TeamSnap and return the uniform on the evening of September 6th.